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Barry has a very interesting secret! BUT, I have failed to keep the secret multiple times..😂😂


The game was fun however the way he carried items made it really frustrating but that plus the time restraint made it difficult so all in all it was a really good game. 


Hey there! played your game for my channel :D 


it was a nice game it had fun......


I guess Barry has everything “hand made”... no.. ok I’ll stop XD


Great game your in a panic so its make more challenging  to play it makes it scary because of the music  so i played  it   


Only place I could hide the food was inside of the dishwasher. All other places got over-turned :)


We played your game on our channel and had good fun with it. Can honestly say it was the weirdest game we've personally ever played. Frustrating at time with hiding, but great goofy fun!


aw you sun of a i did haw a simulacra idea it haw  some of  the concept 

but lets just say the game play is way different end i gout my own TIFU story that happen in 2016 the story is a bit similar but the game play is way different

fuck it i will still give you credit if some ask  

again simulacra in concept WAY DIFFERENT IN execution 


What a frustrating game. I just wanted to hide the body parts BUT THEY WOULDN'T STOP FLYING EVERYWHERE... good game 


heh. Thank you so much for playing and recording. The WebGL version has fixes that you might want to try out. Steam version is coming soon. 


Very fun. Like everyone else I loved the wild arm flailing and goofy physics. 


La merveilleuse histoire d'un homme qui ne veut pas finir en prison. J'ai eu du fun brut à cacher autant de membres humains :D


Hello! This game was a lot of fun, especially with the crazy object physics. Great premise too, here's me trying it out for the first time in a Let's Play video if you're interested: 


It's all the "bugs" that make this game so fun,  interesting view point for this and the wobbly whacky hands make this a good laugh. Shame I kept breaking everything so couldn't complete it...this time. Looking forward to seeing more of this. 

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Thanks for the video! Remember to put steam version on your wishlist --- ;) 

Some bugs get fixed in webgl version, aiming for tomorrow.


lol this game amaizing


SHHHHHH! Barry has a very interesting secret! But don't tell him I told you about it! 


Thanks for playing and recording!


Thank you for making the game! A little buggy but fun to mess around in!




Very interesting game ‼ Thanks for the good time ‼('ω')ノ



a masterpiece. thank you very much for this beautiful bundle of physic-based "gotta hide that food" joy

i love it


By request, I gave a second attempt to this game.  This time I was sober and less angry.  I used lots of new strategies including levitating chairs and redecorating. :D  Thank you again for such a fun game I look forward to more from you!


This game was a ton of fun despite that sneaky fridge trying to get me busted! Darn vigilante justice fridge!


lovin' it

Had fun playing the game loved it

I loooved this game! controls were a bit tricky though but just added to the challenge!

I have failed to keep the secret multiple times, the Fridge would not freaking close xD

Barry has a secret alright! I wonder if detective sunglasses knows who did it yet...


Thank you so much for recording the video!

This game is fun, I was soo close to beating it!

just hide everything in fridge


Had fun playing this wacky game but couldn’t figure out the first level XD

jacksepticeye plays Barry:

Barry is a food magician! (Also a pyscho).

:D thank you so much for playing and recording! In the version you play there is a bug that causes xray gaze and gets you unfairly. In the new version that goes to Steam (by the way) the gaze is fixed. As soon as the game gets approved I'd be hapoy to give you a Steam key. Really liked the video and the "food magician". :)

Glad you liked the vid! Would be more than happy to take a look at the full version when it comes out as well! 😊

Amazing game man I've played it check it out its awesome

Are you going to do a chapter 2 ? 


yes. That is going to be in Steam. 

please repairs these bugs, bugs is everywhere

they are features

This game is pretty good. The arm thing is a pain though. 

This game is great! It's pretty intense to have to hide body parts in a time limit before, the cops bust in! The only thing that sucks is the objects twisting in his hands when he picks something up. Also opening and, closing things. I think this was part in due to make it a challenge. If you hide something somewhere you locked that space and, had to be creative where you hide the next parts.

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Great game would love to see the arm thing fixed XD

What an awesome playthrough! That was so close! :) Thank you so much for playing and recording the video. 

Arm thing is working as intended ;D 

Pretty fun game! My pie flew off into space, but at least the detective didn't find it! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Nothing to see here! Move along sir! Now I know why my pie tastes so bomb though!

Awesome Game! Had an absolute blast! Keep on rocking!

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