An intense food hiding simulation game.

Barry Has a Secret on STEAM:

Ldjam41 entry: barry has a secret

(Builds that plays in itchio is the is post-jam version with fixes toilet ceiling, slightly different paths for cops and victory condition. For jam entry & rating, please try Build 002)



Music by Kevin MacLeod

"This House", "Chase Pulse Faster" and "Disco Medusae" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Art & music copyrighted by their respective owners.

"Barry Has a Secret" / Copyright 2018 Sandbay Games. All Rights Reserved.

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Barry 0010 (updated, post-jam version) 52 MB
Barry 0002 (original LDJAM41 entry) 50 MB
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I really enjoyed this. Honestly brought a smile to my face in a way that few games do. Would love to see an expansion on the concept with some refinement.

me when the dishwasher door falls off:

Dude, this game is freaking hilarious!!! I  had a good time with it. Not being able to open drawers and certain things makes this game pretty difficult though. But keep it up!

I always forget where to hide my food. Thanks to this game, I have more ideas.

Plus I love cherry pie!

Uh no its only Halloween decoration, and what are you doing in here?

Man I hope the creator finish this game. I enjoy hiding the body parts. 

We need this

All time


Anyone else stay to see if there were extra dialogue? XD

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The ez way to win: 1: gather all body parts, 2: put body parts in dishwasher, 3: get bookshelf to keep the dishwasher closed. I used these steps for EVERY round and won. Also, after each round, open the dishwasher and put more body parts in.

This is a fun little game although a bit buggy it can make you and others laugh! i reccomend ^~^


why did the cop break my whole table and just walked through it on day one, like bro chill that table was 10 dollars gosh.

yo he did something similar on the third day my man walks into the fridge sees an arm then walks away, ripping the door off the fridge then leave my house


I lost :( The cops found my Toe stash :((((


This game war quite fun, I never knew this existed but after playing it today, I don't think that should've been, it's very well optimized and the idea is  really well thought of.

I understand there would've been a lot of work put in to it and it pays off really well.

but they found all the evidence can you make a free play mode

the police went super sain and streched the entire map great game loved it 

i know how to hide stuff drop it through the wall

i got the bed droor out

oh and chrome works fine for me

i got out of the roof

using a table


how am i going to jerk off with hands like these





This was a fun little game i love the title and the description lol this game was more than just food i made a video i hope you enjoy

Can this game play on windows XP 32bit?

Show post...

im gonna guess no

yup you guessed right it doesn't work :(

Was a great game! I really loved the instant change in tone of the game right at the beginning. I w as expecting something about hiding actual food from other people and did not expect to be hiding bodies. I did play this game a while ago, so the bugs are probably fixed now but even so, I thought that the bugs made for an interesting game play.

The hiding bodies in multiple places is a great idea and great addition as it makes for creative plays and towards the end, when almost everything is full the player might try to hide something in near plane sight and hope for the best. The police searching the house was more suspenseful than I expected! 

The places to hide the parts of the bodies were also very creative and fun; the fridge, dishwasher, drawer, bedside drawer and bathroom and the game play also encouraged the player to hide them in places other than those areas as well.

One addition I think you should make is that the house is reset every day; that means that the places where the bodies were stored the last day is reset and this gives more freedom for the player to hide things again. To balance it out, maybe lock one or two of the hiding spots each day; this will allow the players to be more creative as well as be taken in by the atmosphere as they scurry around, trying to find a place to hide that last body. 

One other thing I can suggest to make the doors and drawers less glitchy is by making them interact-able and not just be pushed open and closed by the body. Some ones like the drawer I think should be left just like that; in my game play I forced it closed by standing in front of it, I think that might be a cool way of making the player decide where to place their body parts.

Other than that, I think that was a great game and a really fun play! Definitely worth playing, it was fun and challenging and a very unique type game. Graet job for making a great game!


Advice to people who are bad at the game: the best way to open  the bathroom door is to slam into it and then back up. You can't open it with your hands.  You can also close the bathroom door using the same method. I finished the game by hiding  everything in the bathroom and then standing in front of the dishwasher to keep it from falling open.

As for critique, you should probably do something about the officer's walking. He flipped over the table on the first day, then slammed the fridge door/oven/dishwasher open (i forgot which one).

I will make a video about this game


I naturally assumed that Barry was a cannibal. This game was frustrating and it was fun to play.

Props for making such a silly game. 

Contenido en español, me gusto, esta bastante divertido, les dejo un gameplay que hice, varios similares y otras cosas mas por ahí 

I was not prepared for this game at all hahaha, but it was still hilarious, challenging, and fun to play. I definitely want to play it again and try the second level next time! I start playing your game at 9:29.

Here is my playthrough


Reminds me of my youth. :{)

Not too bad, love the game and it's yeah


This detective has such a terrible walk me enjoy the game in many different ways in this video ;)

idk if this was on purpose but the controls are really wack and it's hard to hide evidence when Barry and his furniture are doing the harlem shake

This was absolutely hilarious. Love the idea behind this. I had so much fun playing this! Here's my playthrough:

interesting concept. did enjoy playing. 


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The game is good, but i have a few issues with the it. the dishwasher and fridge don't seem to stay all the way closed , the ai of the cops are ridiculously stupid because they walk everywhere and they keep knocking the table over, and they seem to clip through the fridge to find the evidence that i hid in there.

Also when i pick up stuff, barry's arms keeps shaking around and makes it hard for me to perfectly place something without throwing it.


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