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This game is awesome. Fully fleshed out, I'd definitely pay money for this. 

My first impression was a little nervous because of the angle of the camera, but I came to like it because you could see this creepy, suiting face of Barry as you struggle to hide these parts. I see that a few people actually wanted it harder... I AM NOT THAT PERSON lol, I have managed to make it to the fourth day, but I could not pass it! It was so hard for me to put another object (like a pillow) on top of one of the parts. I JUST COULD NOT MAKE IT WORK!! And as stressful and as challenging as his arms are when they're swinging everywhere, it did add to the fun of the challenge but again extremely hard for me to hide anything. I managed to finish a few levels using the bookshelf and a good level where the bookshelf did not go so well. Lets just say the door being so close to the bookshelf really worked against me, but I would love to see more from this game, maybe different environments or challenges with the parts, find all the fingers or something like that lol, but I hope you do more with this and I look forward to future projects! 

I uh.......did the thing.

I've done nothing wrong.

awesome game would like to see more levels smashed it out in one go! 

Dont eat the PIE!

Gave it a go...

Hi! This game was great. I did have fun! - ClipNoid

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this game was awesome! really hard to try and hide these body parts XD amazing job on creating this game! 

Don't you have Mac version? 

Ahhh, you see i have a game in Windows platform you can download it if you want

beat it again of course. too ez pz.


If you're thinking of becoming a cannibal play this game first, it really helped me understand the risks.

Fantastic game, I expect this to feature at E3 as Game of the Year. 

A very fun and goofy game !!!

I haven't beaten the game yet, but I plan to soon. So far it's a pretty great game :D, can't wait for future games/updates.

A very silly game. It's very amusing trying to get things where you want them. The only real problem is the evidence detection on the cops, it's very random.

Just curious, but could the player not have such crazy arms?  Makes it near impossible to get parts where they're supposed to go. Tried several times to put a body part in the fridge in-game and it keeps flying out due to the arms flailing about like Barry's having a weird arm seizure.

I really enjoyed this game. The camera angle is a little crazy but i think it actually adds to the wacky vibe the game has coupled with the crazy arms. 

As a game mode I'd love to see it expanded as it honestly was fun. It would even make for great multiplayer if a friend could be the cop. 

TL:DR - Great game. Check It out! 

This game was so good! It was the perfect blend of comical B-rated horror and physics rage game. I definitely couldn't make it too far in it, but everything from the voice acting to the mechanics of the game itself was awesome. There were a few minor bugs, I think, if not being able to re-open doors or not being able to shut the fridge door counts as bugs. Otherwise, everything pretty much hit home! This is one of the better LD41 games that I've played, for sure! Thanks for making it!

One more video:

very fun game and pretty cool idea like the challenge cant  wait for more!!


Thanks for playing and recording! Really appreciated

your welcome!!

Such an amazing game! Hopefully you can see from my video how much fun I had :D The way the game just takes whatever energy I put into it and creates more fun is incredible!! Really hope to see more games like this from you in the future and hope you consider making more chapters for this simple but incredible game!!

Big thank you for taking time to play, and record that. Really appreciated :)

And yes, a new chapter is coming. is going to Steam ;)

Hell yeah :D Looking forward to it!!

Loved it thought it was hilarious great game mechanics

Heh that was awesome video. Got me smiling :) Thank you so much for taking time to play & record this.

This is fucking incredible


And one more:

Yet another youtube video (playing post-jam version)

More videos:

Hi i put your game in a compilation and it was the 2nd games in the video.

Idk what it is about this games but i REALLY like it it got a little too repetitive after about 3 days but still props to ya :D

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heh. good stuff, thanks for playing & including it!

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