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I seriously love how the cops literally walk all over your table


yeah i no they just yeeted my table

no one asked you mark 🙃


don't tell any body my name sis




is this a scary game?




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nicely done m8

just hide everything in the dish washer and camp it lol


Honestly with my one brain cell i had a hard time. Im using chrome / google and the arms of barry sometimes spin around very fast and when you drop a limb it ends up tossing it to the corner of the room

my favorite thing is when its the last day and then the cop walks through the bathroom door almost breaking it completly then straight up breaking the refriderator door off where i kept everything

Deleted post

'Cops noticed 'upper arm'. They've become suspicious.'

'Cops gained no evidence. Excellent.'

Well I mean if you say so, officer.


i threw the torso at the cop there's no evidence

I cAnt BeAt  iT

Not scary in the traditional sense, but makes you feel like you'll be caught at any moment, and that's extremely scary, especially when it's something like hiding body parts so you won't be convicted of murder.

i can't find the 4th evidence so far i found an axe a hand and a finger where is the 4th evidence?


nvm since im such a chad i figured it out by myself

where was it if you remember

ngl, this is a pretty good game!

When is chapter two coming out?

yo i forgot to take the arm out the frigde and i was freaking out cause i hid all the stuff in the dish washer and stood against it so it stayed shut but the arm was in the frigde but they didnt check the frigde and i won the game is so fun

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yeah same happened to me man like it's hard being a cannibal 

EDIT: i just realized what the game is about like it's really nice thanks to the person who made the game

I hid all the stuff in the dishwasher, too!

Great minds think alike



3 Scary games!!! Barry has secret is the first game i play. Have a look and enjoy!!1


I really enjoyed this. Honestly brought a smile to my face in a way that few games do. Would love to see an expansion on the concept with some refinement.

me when the dishwasher door falls off:


by the way I won


Dude, this game is freaking hilarious!!! I  had a good time with it. Not being able to open drawers and certain things makes this game pretty difficult though. But keep it up!

I always forget where to hide my food. Thanks to this game, I have more ideas.

Plus I love cherry pie!

Uh no its only Halloween decoration, and what are you doing in here?

Man I hope the creator finish this game. I enjoy hiding the body parts. 

We need this

All time



Anyone else stay to see if there were extra dialogue? XD

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The ez way to win: 1: gather all body parts, 2: put body parts in dishwasher, 3: get bookshelf to keep the dishwasher closed. I used these steps for EVERY round and won. Also, after each round, open the dishwasher and put more body parts in.

This is a fun little game although a bit buggy it can make you and others laugh! i reccomend ^~^


why did the cop break my whole table and just walked through it on day one, like bro chill that table was 10 dollars gosh.

yo he did something similar on the third day my man walks into the fridge sees an arm then walks away, ripping the door off the fridge then leave my house



I lost :( The cops found my Toe stash :((((


This game war quite fun, I never knew this existed but after playing it today, I don't think that should've been, it's very well optimized and the idea is  really well thought of.

I understand there would've been a lot of work put in to it and it pays off really well.

but they found all the evidence can you make a free play mode

the police went super sain and streched the entire map great game loved it 

i know how to hide stuff drop it through the wall

i got the bed droor out

oh and chrome works fine for me

i got out of the roof

using a table

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