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Ludum dare entry page:


-- DISCLAIMER: I took everything I found from the Unity asset store and slapped it together in PlayMaker. This... "game" or whatever it is should not be taken very seriously :D ---

This game has all the features that one could expect from a floating meat arm game!
- Take awesome selfie pics!
- Awesome club with a mobile phone on it!
- Explore tropical isle!
- Whack rocks!
- Whack palm trees!
- Craft a shelter! (If you have the patience, building a shelter as a floating meat arm ain't that simple!)
- Whack a dinosaur!
- Dinosaur, I say!
- Floating mosnter arm!
- Super cool Polish radio transmission, can you find the secret!
- Forgotten gear somewhere! Dunno if they can be found or not!

CREDITS: All graphics from Unity asset store. (I try list them all here, now it's too late and brain is not working no more)


meatarm_win32.zip 46 MB